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A number of years ago I decided to expand my practice into the area of forensic psychology.  Forensic psychology is the application of science and the profession of psychology to questions relating to the law and the legal system.  I have provided forensic evaluations and testimony in the tri-county Metro Detroit Area and beyond.  With over 8 years of forensic psychology experience, I have conducted over 300 evaluations concerning custody, parenting time, suspected abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights, juvenile competency, and juvenile delinquency and have testified in all of these different areas.

I have also completed work product reviews and given feedback that was useful to attorneys in presenting their case.  I have worked with a number of people, divorcing couples, families, and children involved in the legal system who feel helpless, angry, overwhelmed, and lost in the legal process.  I see a need for high quality forensic evaluations that meet the needs of the Courts, children, and families in bringing about viable, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Careful, comprehensive, and sensitive evaluations are needed to inform the Court, attorneys, and clients and their families so that decisions can be made in the Best Interests of the parties, particularly the children, involved.  I am confident in sharing my expert opinion through discussions with attorneys and clients and through testifying as an expert witness.  I have used this knowledge along with my clinical skills in a variety of forensic evaluations such as custody, parenting time, suspected abuse, juvenile delinquency, and juvenile competency evaluations as well as in my role as a parenting coordinator.  In addition, I have been sought after to review the work of other evaluators to ensure valid psychological measures were used and legitimate opinions were drawn.

For many people, the experience of undergoing a psychological evaluation while involved with the Court system, is very stressful.   My goal is to offer you a comprehensive and objective evaluation that takes into account the facts and issues in order facilitate the legal process and to aid in decision-making.

Finally, I am very committed to continuing to learn and advance my skill in forensic psychology.  I attend workshops and seek consultation when needed.  I am a member of the American Psychological Association, a Program Committee Member of the Michigan Psychological Association, a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), and a member of the Michigan Inter-Professional Association of Marriage, Divorce, and the Family (MIPA) which is a non-profit organization consisting mostly of judges, lawyers and mental health professionals.

If you have further questions or would like discuss my services or would like to discuss a particular case, please either call me at (313) 565-5937 or click here.

For a copy of my Curriculum Vitae:  Vita August 2015